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Consulting Services

Broadcast Operations Professional

IT Project Consultant

With over 20 years of Media Operations experience with well-known, recognizable Cable brands and Public Broadcasting (PBS), Karen has handled may on-air and support level service projects. These include Live Events, High Profile Premieres, News Broadcasts and Network Rebranding.

From transmission to log building to IT troubleshooting, Karen has a vast level of understanding in multiple areas and can jump right in to produce results.  Many of Karen's projects have been on very tight deadlines.

Karen started within the industry from a Master Control Operator and grown into the role of Director of  Broadcast Operations and now to Consultant. Each role has challenged her in unique ways, but she never forgets her path to this point.

If you're looking for a detail-oriented and self-driven individual to move your project forward, set up time to discuss your project.

Contact me at

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